Movie Outfits We Love

I am a cinephile at heart. Of all the movies I love, Noah Baumbach’s are at the top of my list. I am definitely not a movie critic, but if there’s something I can talk about, it’s clothes. I want to dig into the different outfits in three truly awesome movies.

Frances Ha

I love, love, absolutely love Frances’ effortless style! My favorite look in this movie is her floral dress, black tights, and the classic black leather jacket. This is a timeless outfit, she could have worn it in the 80’s, she could have worn it in the 90’s, and she most definitely could wear it now- and rock it! The only one thing that I would change? I would wear a pair of Alex black flats!

While We’re Young

Darby is the epitome of boho style. In fact, it seems like Darby is a character right out of a 60’s movie. She wears floral prints, maxi skirts, turtlenecks, knit cardigans and oversized bags. There’s so much awesomeness that it’s too much just to mention one outfit alone. And to top things off, she sells ice cream for a living!

Mistress America

What I love about Brooke’s style in Mistress America is the selection of classic pieces like white and black silk shirts and high waisted bottoms. Although the character was nowhere close to being a mature women, she definitely tried to be dressed as one. Also, this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the quirky teenager Tracy. She has her own take on “classic” style with lots of flannel shirts. This picture above sums it all up!