Mala - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mala mean?

Mala was inspired by the Tarahumara people of northwestern Mexico, who use the word as a nickname for girls.


What materials are used?

Our flats are made from 100% leather (upper, lining and sole).

Are Mala flats handcrafted?

Yes, every pair of our flats is proudly handcrafted in Mexico.

How do I care for my Mala flats?

Our leather care page covers the easy steps for properly cleaning, conditioning and drying your flats.


What sizes are available?

Our flats are available in half sizes from 6 to 10.5.

What size should I order?

Our flats run true to size, so order the size you normally wear in similar shoes.

    Will my flats be comfortable?

    Yes, very comfortable! Being made from 100% leather allows the entire shoe to mold to your foot. If your flats feel tight when you first put them on, you can easily break them in by wearing the flats around your house.


    What forms of payment does Mala accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal.

    Does Mala charge sales tax?

    No, all of our footwear is exempt from the New York City State and City charge sales tax.

    Returns & Exchanges

    Can I return or exchange a pair of Mala flats?

    Absolutely! If you ordered a pair of our flats and they're not the right fit, we’re here to make things right for you. All you need to do is contact us by phone or email, and we’ll take care of processing a return or exchange for you (including us paying all shipping costs).

    How can I contact Mala?

    Our phone number is (929) 272-5603

    Our email is

    You can also send us a message through our Facebook page