5 Reasons Why Women's Leather Sole Shoes Are The Best

When we set out to create the perfect flats, one of the design decisions we had to make was between rubber and leather soles. Rubber soles are found on a wide range of women’s and men’s shoes, while leather soles are generally reserved for expensive designer shoes.

After lots of research and testing, we determined that leather soles were the right option for our flats. Here are the exact reasons why we made that decision:

1. Leather Soles Are Very Durable

Quality leather is a material that lasts, and leather soles are no exception. We design and test our shoes in Brooklyn, New York to ensure they can handle the demands of a daily commute that involves lots of walking. We know from personally wearing our flats every single day that the leather soles are very durable.

2. They Look Great

Mala's flats are made to last, which is why we focus on designs that aren’t going to be out of style a season from now. Leather soles give our flats a timeless elegance and sophistication that’s simply not possible with the bulky look that a rubber sole creates.

3. Leather Sole Shoes Are Highly Breathable

Another trait that makes leather such an amazing material is it’s highly breathable. That’s just as true for the leather upper of our flats as it is for the sole. So if you’re like us and usually find that shoes make your feet sweat, you’ll be amazed by how cool and fresh your feet stay in a pair of Mala flats.

4.They’re Extremely Comfortable

We design shoes for women who want to look great without punishing their feet. When you’re at work or running errands with your kids, you don’t want to be distracted by shoes that are hurting your feet. The leather soles we use play a key role in why our flats are so comfortable.

5. Leather Soles Get Even Better With Time

Because the soles and the rest of our flats are made from leather, they will form to the unique traits of your feet. LIke your favorite pair of jeans, Mala flats are the shoes you’ll truly enjoy slipping on for years to come.

But Aren’t Women's Leather Sole Shoes Slippery?

Although leather soles are very durable, look great, are highly breathable, extremely comfortable and get even better with time, they do have one shortcoming. The shortcoming of leather soles is they’re slippery.

When we’re walking around New York, we encounter everything from sidewalk spills to sudden downpours of rain. So we knew from the beginning of our design process that Mala soles needed to handle those types of elements. Fortunately, we came up with an elegant way to make our leather soles slip-resistant.

By putting a small piece of rubber on the heel of our flats, we were able to eliminate the slippery nature of leather soles while still retaining all the other features that make these soles so great!

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