Mala Makes The Best Flats for Work

In theory, flats are the perfect shoes to wear at work. But as many of us have learned the hard way, there are a lot of flats that aren’t designed with professional women in mind. From soles that fall apart after just a few months of walking to shapes that squeeze your feet for eight hours a day, there are a lot of flats that make your feet hurt just as badly as heels do.

When we started designing our Alex black flats, our goal was to create a pair of flats that felt as great as they looked. Accomplishing that goal wasn’t easy, but we did it. The cute and timeless style of all of our flats means it’s easy to match them with any outfit you want to wear to work. On top of that, here are the other reasons we have the best flats for work:

Mala’s Leather Flats Adapt to the Unique Shape of Your Feet

Our flats are fully made from high quality leather. In addition to being both very durable and surprisingly light, the trait that makes leather the perfect material for shoes is it actually adapts to the unique shape of feet. Since over half of all women have feet that differ in size or shape, having a material that can adapt to these differences is crucial.

After wearing them just a couple of times, your pair of Mala flats will be perfectly molded to every little detail of your feet. An added benefit of having your feet enveloped by leather is they’ll be able to breathe. So even if your day involves lots of walking or standing, your feet will stay cool and ventilated.

The Best Flats for Work Have the Support Your Feet Crave

When we say our flats are completely constructed from leather, we mean it. That includes leather soles. We definitely love how elegant and pretty leather soles look. Just as importantly, they provide great support. Add to that the soft insole that’s inside of our flats, and you have exactly what your feet need to feel supported throughout the entire day.

Made By Hand Means Made to Last

Our flats are handcrafted in Leon, Mexico. This city is nicknamed The Shoe Capital of the World. Because every pair of our flats is carefully crafted by someone with decades of experience, they have a level of quality and attention to detail that’s simply not possible to get from shoes that are made by machines. The handcrafted nature of our flats means you’ll be able to enjoy wearing them for a very long time!