Tieks Review vs. Mala - Which Leather Flats Are Best for You?

A big part of why we’re so passionate about fashion and specifically shoes is they provide a way for everyone to express themselves. So when we talk to our customers, one of the topics we like to ask them about is other brands that they’ve looked at and/or bought.

In many of these conversations, Tieks is one of the brands our customers mention having looked at prior to buying from us. Since this is a topic that has come up repeatedly, we want to do a Tieks review and compare them to Mala’s flats. Based on the conversations we’ve had, here are the three most common reasons people choose Mala’s flats instead of Tieks:

1. Style

The reason we’re putting style at the top of our Tieks review vs. Mala comparison is it’s the factor that comes up the most often. Tieks are known for their cute and playful designs, which include bright blue soles and a bright blue tag on the back of every pair of flats. While this style can be fun to wear in casual settings, Tieks don’t have the more refined look that many women want when they’re in a professional environment.

All of Mala’s flats are designed around the idea of classic style. Our flats are made for professional women who want great shoes that are going to continue to look great. A key element of every pair of Mala flats is the 100% leather sole. This gives the flats a level of sophistication that makes them perfect for the office. Then at night or on the weekends, they can easily be dressed down with your favorite pair of jeans and a cute top.

2. Price

Every pair of both Tieks and Mala flats is made from very high quality leather. Tieks range in price from $175 to $295, while Mala’s flats are priced at $100. In fact, you can save $10 on your first pair of Mala flats by entering your email:

So, why the huge price difference between Tieks and Mala?

The simple answer is Tieks made the decision to position themselves as a designer brand and marked up the price of their shoes accordingly. At Mala, one of our founding principles is the belief that women don’t need to pay a small fortune to look amazing. That’s why we’ve optimized every aspect of our business to make it possible to sell our high quality flats at a smart price.

3. Comfort and Support

We’ve spoken to customers who have always liked the look of flats but have never been able to wear them for extended periods of time due to discomfort or lack of support. With both Tieks and Mala flats, having a full leather upper means that the shoes will adapt to the unique shape of a woman’s foot.

The big difference between the two is the support provided by the sole. Since the Tieks sole is split into two pieces of rubber, the most common concern we hear is that they won’t provide enough support for lots of walking or standing.

Mala’s flats solve that problem thanks to the full leather sole. Even for women who need more arch support than flats usually offer or have bunions on their feet, the comfort and support provided by our expertly handcrafted leather soles will keep your feet feeling great all day long.

Tieks Review vs. Mala - The Bottom Line

If you want a high quality pair of flats that will look great in any setting, are available at a smart price and offer the comfort & support your feet need for a full day at work, you’ll be extremely happy with a pair of Mala flats in black, snakeskin print, red or nude!