4 Reasons Cheap Leather Shoes Are Never Worth It

There’s an old quote that says you should “never skimp on the things in life that go in between you and the ground.” That quote refers to your mattress, car tires and shoes. We think this quote is spot on, and since shoes are our area of expertise, we want to cover the exact reasons why cheap leather shoes are never worth it:

1. Cheap Leather Shoes Aren’t Comfortable

One of the reasons quality leather shoes feel so good is they adapt to the exact shape of your feet. The porous nature of quality leather also makes it easy for your feet to breathe. The problem with cheap leather shoes is they’re usually made with low quality materials. Additionally, instead of being handcrafted, they’re mass produced by machines. This results in shoes that are going to squeeze your feet and make them sweat all day.

2. They Won’t Make Your Outfit Look Its Best

Low quality materials, shoddy manufacturing and a lack of attention to design details means cheap leather flats are far from being the cutest option that’s available. It never feels good to get dressed for work or going out in a really great outfit and then feel like your shoes ruin your look instead of perfectly pulling it together.

3. Cheap Leather Shoes Can Hurt Your Feet

Even though they’re definitely bad, being uncomfortable and causing your feet to sweat aren’t actually the worst traits of cheap leather shoes. These types of shoes generally lack a quality sole. As a result of not providing proper support, doing a lot of walking in cheap shoes can literally hurt your feet. If you want to avoid running the risk of experiencing chronic foot pain or even an injury, opting for higher quality shoes with a leather sole will provide your feet with the support they need.

4. They’ll Wear Out in No Time

The main appeal of cheap shoes is you don’t have to spend much to buy them. However, that doesn’t mean they’re actually a good deal. Instead of being something that you can enjoy wearing for a long time, cheap leather shoes will quickly start wearing out and falling apart. So even though you may save a little money upfront, it won’t be long until you’ll end up having to spend more to replace them.

Buying Quality Leather Flats at a Smart Price is the Way to Go

While cheap leather shoes aren’t worth buying, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to get a quality pair of leather shoes. At Mala, we’re big believers in smart spending. That’s why we’ve built our business around offering the highest quality of 100% leather flats at a smart price.

When you buy a pair of Mala flats, you get beautiful leather shoes that are incredibly comfortable, look great, provide tons of support and are made by hand to last for under $100!