Waterproofing Leather Shoes for Women - Is It Possible?

Because quality leather is such a durable material, it’s easy to clean leather shoes whenever they get dirty and keep them looking their best for a long time. High quality leather shoes are also quite resilient in regards to water. So if you’re wearing a pair of Mala flats and it starts raining, you can be confident that your shoes will be fine.

Mala’s Leather Flats are Pre-Treated to Resist Water

We put leather conditioning cream on every pair of flats that we send out to our awesome customers. Not only does this type of cream nourish leather so that it looks beautiful and rich, but it helps to protect the leather from the elements. That protection includes maximizing the leather’s water resistance.

The Right Way to Dry Leather Shoes

It’s worth noting that the conditioning cream we use doesn’t make leather 100% waterproof. If it starts raining when you have leather flats on, they will get wet. However, all you have to do is dry them correctly.

What you don’t want to do is try drying a pair of leather flats by putting them next to a heat source like a radiator or using a blow dryer. The reason you don’t want to use external heat like a radiator or blow dryer on wet flats is it can weaken the leather and cause it to crack.

Instead of using a heat source, simply put your leather flats in a spot where they can air dry for a full 24 hours. If you accidentally got them really soaked by stepping in a puddle, the air drying time should be extended to 48 hours. Once your flats have had time to fully dry, they’ll be all ready for you to wear again.