Check Out Mala's New Leather Print Snakeskin Shoes

Available exclusively in Mala's online store

Video Transcript

Hi guys, it’s Silvia from Mala. Today I’m super excited to show you our newest pair of flats! When we started Mala last year, we wanted flats that were really comfortable to wear all day, made to last and looked great with any outfit. That’s why we started with black, red and nude.

With this next pair, we took those same ideas and added a fun twist. I got really inspired when I was looking at snakeskin print samples in the Garment District in Manhattan, so here they are.

The black and white pattern looks amazing with jeans, leggings and dresses. The leather has a clear coating to protect the flats. On the inside is a leather lining and insole that will keep your feet comfortable and fresh.

The bottom has a premium leather sole that’s durable and looks great. It has a small piece of rubber on the back for comfort and to prevent slips. And of course our cute logo in the middle!

Thanks for letting me share these with you and I’d love to hear what you think about them. My email is Talk to you soon :)