Cute Black Flats for 2017

If you're in search of a pair of cute black flats, Mala has you covered. Our Alex black leather flats are a great choice for work, weekend brunches and everywhere in between.

Wanting the perfect pair of cute black flats is actually what inspired me to start Mala. When I moved to Brooklyn, I couldn't find a pair of flats that were truly cute, comfortable and durable. As I started doing some research, I realized I wasn't the only one experiencing this problem. A Mala customer named Laura summed this up perfectly in her review:

Sounds simple enough, but finding comfortable black flats had proven impossible for me! These are perfect, I love them!!

Cute Black Flats

Just As Comfortable As They Are Cute

While we all know what it's like to suffer through wearing an uncomfortable pair of heels because they're cute, I didn't want to make that sacrifice with flats. That's why our cute black flats are fully made from leather. By using leather for every element of the flats, they're able to adapt to the exact shape of your feet. We also offer our flats in full and half sizes, which makes it really easy to get a perfect fit.

Leather also provides a few other key advantages in terms of comfort. Those advantages include being very breathable. When you wear a pair of Mala's black leather flats, your feet will continue to feel fresh and great throughout the entire day. I've heard from multiple customers who normally struggle with sweaty feet but don't have this problem when they wear their Mala flats.

Cute Black Flats That Only Get Better with Time

It's always frustrating to find a pair of shoes that you like and then realize they look beat-up after only wearing them a few times. The good news is our quality black leather flats don't have this issue. Instead, they're like a great pair of jeans that get better with time. As the leather has a chance to fully break in, your flats will look just as good as they feel. And with just an occasional quick polish or a little leather conditioning cream, your cute black flats will continue to look like new.