Ladies - Here’s How to Stretch Leather Shoes

With leather shoes like Mala’s flats, it’s normal for them to be just a little snug when you slip them on for the first time. If your new leather shoes feel good but don’t feel broken in yet, chances are you just need to stretch them. Here are the three most common ways to stretch leather shoes for women:

1. Wear a Thick Pair of Socks

This is my preferred method of stretching Mala’s leather flats. All you need to do is put on a thick pair of socks and then wear your leather shoes around the house. This will gently stretch your shoes out without putting too much strain on them. After doing that for a bit, they should feel really good when you go sock-less and start wearing them outside. We’ve even had a customer wear her flats with a pair of socks while sleeping because they were already so comfortable!

Shoe Stretcher for Women

2. Use a Shoe Stretcher

Although this isn’t a method I personally use, multiple customers have told me they’ve done it and gotten the exact results they wanted. You can find a shoe stretcher on Amazon for $20-$30. Just be sure to read and compare to find the right size for your specific shoes. Using a shoe stretcher can also be a good option if your leather shoes is something like oxfords that are unlikely to stretch with just a pair of socks.

3. Stretch Leather Shoes While You’re Out and About

With leather shoes like Mala’s flats, they’re already going to feel pretty darn good even prior to being stretched. So if you’re excited to wear your leather shoes out, there’s nothing wrong with letting them stretch and adjust to your feet by wearing them out in the world. The only time to avoid this approach is if you’re going to be walking way more than normal since doing that with a brand new pair of shoes is likely to lead to very tired feet.

If you have any other questions about stretching or which size of our leather flats will fit you best, just email me and I’ll be happy to help!