Mala's Flats Are Great Shoes for Women with Bunions

If you have bunions, the bad news is there’s a fairly high chance you’ll pass this condition down to your children. On the other hand, the good news is because around thirty percent of women have bunions, there’s plenty of established information about this condition and how to best manage it.

Bunions 101

Bunions occur at the base of a big toe. This condition involves a bony prominence from realignment of the joint. If this same issue occurs outside of the foot at the base of the little toe, it’s known as a bunionette. Bunions are more likely to affect women than men. They also tend to be progressive. While not all bunions cause symptoms, many do.

As we’ll discuss below, many women are able to successfully manage their bunion symptoms. However, there are certain cases where a doctor may recommend bunion surgery. Common scenarios where this type of surgery may be proposed include chronic pain that limits daily activities, chronic inflammation, deformity of the toe and serious toe stiffness.

Photo Credit: Have Mercy

3 Tips for Living with Bunions

Based on our research and conversations, we’ve put together the top 3 tips for living with bunions. The first is to soak whenever your foot feels irritated or sore as a result of a bunion. Simply pour a few tablespoons of Epsom or bath salt into your tub/bowl. Fill it up to ankle height with cool or lukewarm water, then let your feet soak for five to fifteen minutes.

The second tip is to stretch your toe. You’ll want to sit down, then use your hands or a strap to take hold of your toe. You can do a few 30-second cycles of pulling your toe through a comfortable range of motion. Consult with your doctor if this type of stretching causes your pain to worsen.

One of the most common myths about bunions is they’re caused by wearing the wrong shoes. Although that’s not true, shoes that don’t fit properly can cause a bunion to swell and hurt more. That’s why the third tip for living with bunions is to choose shoes that fit well.

Because Mala’s flats are completely constructed from leather, they will adjust to the exact shape of your feet and toes to provide maximum comfort. Here’s what our customer Marissa, who has bunions on both feet, had to say about our Alex flats:

“The quality is so impressive, just after one wear the soft leather curved to the shape of my foot, which is incredibly difficult for me because I have bunions on both feet that cause pain and cramping in most shoes I purchase. Not these!! I cannot wait to place my order for the Frances Red Flats. I will never stress about finding another pair of flats again...I've found them for life! Thank you, Mala Flats for making the perfect shoe!!! “