Yosi Samra Review - Yosi Samra Flats vs. Mala

As the founder of a shoe company, I spend a lot of time talking to other women about their shoes. One question I like to ask during these conversations is what other brands someone has recently checked out or tried. Since the women I talk to are often shopping around for a pair of flats, Yosi Samra flats are a brand that regularly come up.

Based on my conversations and online research, I’ve put together a Yosi Samra review to help anyone in the process of finding their next pair of flats. When comparing Yosi Samra and Mala flats, there are 3 key differences to keep in mind:

1. Durability

Between my conversations and reading reviews that women have left online, the most common complaint that comes up about Yosi Samra flats is they’re not made to last. Here are a few excerpts from several Yosi Samra Amazon reviews:

“these are not shoes to wear everyday for months”

“these flats are not durable enough to use as everyday use”

“they fell apart... after only 3 months of having them”

If your top priority is getting a pair of flats that you can fold and keep in your bag for occasional foot emergencies after a night of wearing heels, the Yosi Samra flats can fill that role. But if you’re looking for a pair of flats that you can wear all the time, Mala’s flats are a better option since solving that problem is exactly why I started the company.

2. Support

The other issue that I’ve heard and read about quite a bit is Yosi Samra shoes don’t offer much support for a full day of walking. As one reviewer explained, “if you are looking for a shoe with a lot of support, this is not the style for you.” With Mala’s flats, one of my top goals for the design was creating a pair of flats comfortable to wear throughout a full day of walking and working in New York. A big part of Mala’s comfort comes from the premium leather sole.

3. Style

Because Yosi Samra flats are foldable, they have a less structured design and include a tab to help with slipping them on. That style works perfectly well in casual settings. However, many women want a more refined look that they can feel confident wearing to work. Not only do Mala’s flats provide the durability and comfort you want from a pair of shoes you’re going to wear 8+ hours a day, but the timeless style of all of our flats means they’ll look really great with any outfit you want to wear to work.

Yosi Samra Review vs. Mala - The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a quality pair of flats that are made to last, will keep your feet comfortable and look great in many different settings, I guarantee you’ll be VERY happy if you decide to go with a pair of Mala’s wonderful leather flats! You can actually save $10 on your first pair by entering your email: