Giving Back to Children in Mexico – Mala

Giving Back

I’m so grateful for the childhood I had. My mom always did her best to provide for me. She also taught me to work hard and dream big. I know that what my mom did during my childhood directly shaped the person that I am today.

Unfortunately, not every kid has that opportunity in their life. Even though kids are the future, many are abandoned at birth or orphaned and left to figure things out on their own. I believe that every child should get the chance to have a happy childhood. Giving a child a stable and positive environment can be the deciding factor between whether or not they are a happy and healthy adult in the future.

Helping Children in Mexico

When I was a high school student in El Paso, TX, I was able to volunteer in several children’s shelters in Juarez, Mexico. It was very rewarding to get so much love back from children in exchange for so little. This experience has remained with me into my adult life, and I have always wanted to have the chance to help and give back more.

One of my goals for Mala is to give back to the country where our awesome flats are crafted. I want to give back by focusing on children in Mexico who need help the most. That’s why we're looking for an amazing children's shelter in Juarez, Mexico where we can donate a percentage of Mala’s net profits and have a direct impact on improving children's lives.

Thanks for your support,

Silvia Torres - Founder of Mala